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The couch is full of matzah crumbs, yom tov has arrived. Can't go back to Tel Aviv until tomorrow evening, camping out in the kitchen of the apartment whose owners went camping. Probably going to eat more matzah. Maybe with salt. I hope they don't mind me eating their matzah. Maybe I can make matzah toast, with, cheese, and salt. The combinations are really endless. The Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library sent me a package just recently. I had written to them about my failure at finding any good Vonnegut literature over here. Sure enough, they provided. "Poo-tee-weet" My belly is full of matzah. There is a can of Nutella next to the matzah. There are macaroons next to the Nutella. There is matzah next to the Nutella. This is a dangerous scenario. The Nutella would most certainly give some uumph to those, most definitely. There are innumerable risks, though, my friends. Let me try to numerate the innumerable. First, the problem of hametz. Once a year, this menace com

Mediterranean Sea, near Yafo, Tel Aviv

A Major Problem

While I've been here, I've developed a major problem, and I thought it was time to tell all of you... I have been, well, it's hard to put it — how do I put it? To put it plainly (the only way to ever put anything), folks: I have a book-buying problem. When my mother came to visit me in Jerusalem back in January, we were fairly certain I would be coming home with her. Of course, neither of us expected the last-minute phone call from Amnesty International Israel. So, I recall, our last day or two, composed mainly of shipping books back to either my grandmother or to my mom's house. Oh, and no, no no, when we talk about shipping books, we are most definitely not talking about throwing them in a box and slapping some tape on the seam, no no no. Optimally, to ship a book, books should be protected with cardboard on the front and back, overlapping the sides. Then, the book should be placed into a bubble-envelope, sealed using the self-seal tab, and why not, some extra

Coming to

I haven't written anything, on here, for quite a while. The public space is always an interesting one to interact in, yet there are times where a more private and intimate space are desired, in which to discuss and be with one's own feelings and experiences. Living here in Yafo/Yaffa, Tel Aviv has been a mixed-bag. Every morning, a bit after 5 A.M, the voice of the minaret, the azan, Calls me to Prayer, even though getting back to sleep is a much more interesting prospect. Besides a mitigated yet ongoing mold problem, my accommodations here in the Ajami neighborhood have served me well. All the amenities, too! Hot water, a gas range, two desks. If only you can look past the thirty-minute-plus water-heating time, it's practically the Garden of Eden, right? Amnesty International Israel and the Occupied Territories has been an extremely intriguing experience. My two main responsibilities, working on grantmaker research and "Resolution Consolidation" can get a bit